Our Services

Tax Preparation Services
We stay current and up-to-date on tax laws and legislation. We assist our multi-state individual, corporate, partnership, estate, and non-profit clients with planning and tax preparation. We work closely with our clients to identify opportunities and minimize their tax liability while staying within the tax law. Our experience and knowledge will help you navigate through the tax preparation process.

QuickBooks Accounting and Assistance
Accurate and timely financial information is vital to your business success. We use QuickBooks accounting to help our clients with these tasks. Engelbrink and Associates, PLLC will review and advise on your bookkeeping. We will also assist you in the installation and set up of QuickBooks for your personnel to use. We will monitor your books and make adjustments as needed.

Payroll Services
Accurate payroll and timely federal and state report filing requirements are crucial to a successfully run business. We will prepare your company's payroll, all associated EFTPS deposits, and filing requirements in a timely and accurate manner.

Representation for Federal and State Agencies
Dealing with an IRS audit or inquiry can be a daunting process. Our experience enables us to help our clients through the process. Professional representation can be extremely important and beneficial in minimizing the stress and maintaining compliance with the federal and state agencies.

Tax Planning and Consulting
Whether you are an individual or small business it is prudent to understand and plan for the tax burdens that you or your business may face. Engelbrink & Associates, PLLC will assist you with trust, estate, and gift tax planning; small business evaluations including asset acquisitions and spending; retirement planning; and individual tax incentives and advantages available under the current tax laws.

Business Evaluations and Start-Ups
Deciding on a formal business structure can be a complex and confusing process. It is important to know the tax benefits and consequences associated with each type of business structure. We will assist you by providing the knowledge and expertise on which type of business structure will best suit your specific business needs and goals. We will assist you with the state and federal filing requirements for establishing a corporation, S-Corp, partnership, or LLC.